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Driving Economically: The Pitstop Guide to Frugal Fuel

Posted on by admin

It’s February already, and yet somehow we’re still suffering from the aftermath of Christmas, the financially disparaging bank account ruiner that leaves us all in state of monetary crisis. And if that’s not the case, then we’re always looking for ways to stop those pennies from perpetually haemorrhaging their way out of our wallets and onto bills, rent, food and, of course, petrol. Driving economically is something many people think won’t make much of a difference, certainly not in comparison the sacrifice of getting somewhere quickly. This though, is simply not the case, and driving and motoring with economy in mind can help you make some great savings, and keep the car on the road for longer. So then, here’s how you can do just that!

  • Fluid driving is the chief crux here really. Steadily accelerate, keep your eye on your rev counter, look well ahead to try and spot reasons to slow down or stop a long way off so you can do so progressively, you’ll reduce the chances of actually having to stop at all and reduce the wear and tear on your brakes and tyres!
  • Limit your speed. You’ll be surprised at home much difference this makes, especially if you go from cantering down motorways and dual carriageways at 80-odd miles an hour. Stick to the legal limit, or better yet the optimum driving speed of 54mph and you’ll notice your money goes further.
  • Remember that aircon and similar such dashboard devices will suck up the fuel too. Do you really need to keep it blasting out at that temperature? Switch it off unless it’s absolutely necessary – same goes for heated seats!
  • Clearing out the boot or any superfluous items you might be ferrying about on a daily basis will lighten the load and mean your fuel can keep you going for longer! Roof racks are also to blame here; get rid of it all and make your vehicle as light as possible!

These few tips only really scrape the surface, but nevertheless they’ll do the job and help you to chip away at the ever increasing cost of fuel! If you’re in Hitchin and require a car garage you can trust for help and advice on brakes, exhausts and everything else, Pitstop Motorist Centre are your friendly, one stop solution!

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