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Passing Your MOT: Will a Cracked Windscreen Cause a Fail?

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With so many factors contributing to your car’s success rate when it’s undergoing its MOT, it can be easy to dispense with thinking about the little things, concentrating only on the big, obvious faults that will cause your car to fail. Whilst naturally these should always be properly and thoroughly corrected first, it’s incredibly common for cars to fail on a handful of slight errors that, with the right amount of attention, could easily have been spotted and seen to first. One question that often arises from these situation is, will small cracks or chips in the windscreen cause my car to fail its MOT?

The bad news is yes, your car does have the potential to fail its MOT based on cracks and chips in the windscreen, though this is, of course, entirely dependent on the severity and the location of the chip itself. If you imagine looking out through your windscreen, the area directly in front of your steering wheel, often defined by the outmost edges is the drivers line of vision. This is the priority area and different rules apply here.

In this priority area, any damage, chip or crack, larger than 10mm will invoke a fail. Similarly, any scratching that is seen to obstruct the vision of the driver can also incur a failure. The rest of the windscreen, the secondary area, is allowed up to a 40mm stretch of damage. Any more than that, and this too will be noted as a fail.

It’s also worth noting that numerous instances of damage occurring within a 10mm circle could also fail, and that generally speaking, you should carefully inspect your windscreen, just as you would your tyre tread or your brake lights before an MOT.

Here at Pitstop Motorist Centre, we’re dedicated to being your number one choice for car garages in and around Hitchin. Whether it’s MOT advice, or the tests themselves, services or anything in between, we can provide incomparable quality and a friendly, helpful service. Give us a call today to find out more, or to book in with us!

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