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Will My Car Fail Its MOT For Damaged Tyres?

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The MOT test checks the state and condition of all four tyres of a car. The tyres have to be within 1.6 mm (the permissible limit in the UK), besides being in good condition. Even the valves and wheels have to be in good condition.

Checks During MOT Test

During the MOT test, the tyres are checked for bulges, cracks on the sidewall, tears and other damage. If the tyres are found to be unsafe for driving or do not conform to the aforementioned conditions, they will fail the MOT test.

During the test, even tread depth is checked. A gauge is used to check the depth and ensure they comply with the rules. While the state of the spare tyre does not have a bearing on the MOT test, the condition of the wheel does. The wheel should be in good condition, without cracks or any type of distortion. The wheel should be attached in a safe and secure manner to the vehicle, and no nuts or studs should be missing. If the spare tyre is fixed outside the vehicle, it should be fixed safely, so as not to fall off while driving.

How Pitstop Motorist Centre Can Help You

We know how important the right set of tyres is for optimal vehicle performance. Poorly maintained or worn out tyres can result in many other performance problems, such as higher fuel consumption and reduced brake performance. Above all, it will adversely affect your MOT test.

At Pitstop Motorist Centre, not only do we have stocks of top-quality tyres from leading manufacturers, such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin, we also have a team of highly experienced mechanics, who can offer advice on choosing the right set of tyres to help your vehicle pass the MOT test.

Pitstop Motorist Centre is also an official MOT test centre. We offer certified and reliable service for MOT tests across Hitchin and Stevenage, so that you can be rest assured that the test was done correctly and your car is safe for driving on roads. As MOT is a legal requirement and the last thing you need is failing for damaged tyres, so you can rely on our services to help you get back on the road, quickly and safely. We offer quality, quick and efficient MOT-related services for your vehicle without charging you exorbitantly.

We also can conduct the MOT test based on your convenience and the tests are carried out by our team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced mechanics. If a fault is detected during the test, we will take corrective measures immediately so that your vehicle meets all the legal requirements. Contact us today to set an appointment for your MOT test.

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