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Vehicle Air Conditioning Stevenage

As a necessary component in any vehicle, air conditioning units keep you cool in summer and demist your windscreen in winter. At PIT STOP MOTORIST CENTRE, we provide a complete air conditioning installation and maintenance service for customers throughout Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Furthermore, for your reassurance, our air conditioning service is DELPHI approved. For further information about our air conditioning repairs, please contact our experienced team.

Quality Car Air Conditioning Services

On hot days, your vehicle can quickly become warm and uncomfortable making your journey unpleasant. You may use your air conditioning to cool the temperature in your car, but if it is broken, you may be stuck in a warm, stuffy car for many hours. At our garage, we offer a complete air conditioning repair service for customers throughout Stevenage and Hitchin, and we proficiently rectify any faults in the unit to make sure your next journey is pleasant and comfortable no matter how hot the temperature is.

Moreover, our car air conditioning service is DELPHI™ approved, and covers all aspects of air conditioning, from installation to maintenance and repair.

DELPHI is one of the most revered names in automotive innovation, creating cutting-edge in-car technology for over a hundred years. Their air conditioning systems are simply unrivalled, and as a certified Delphi Air Conditioning Centre, we can deliver this top-quality equipment to your driver’s seat, and give you complete, dynamic control of the environment in your car at all times.

Providing an efficient service and competitive prices, we meet all your air conditioning needs.

Car Air Conditioning Services in Stevenage and Hitchin

Air conditioning units have several uses as they keep you cool in the summer and effectively demist your windscreen in winter. Furthermore, the filters incorporated into the air conditioning unit also block out the airborne particles which can benefit people with allergies.

 Delivering a complete air conditioning service, our expert team carry our maintenance checks and repairs on all units as well as installing a new system in your vehicle. For more information on our air conditioning services in Stevenage, Letchworth and Hitchin, or for help and advice on your current system, call us today on 01438 721422.

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