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Tyres & Exhaust Fitting Stevenage

As part of our comprehensive range of car services, we carry out an in-depth clean of your car’s engine to reduce the number of emissions released into the atmosphere as well as selling quality tyres from leading manufacturers. For further information about our tyre and exhaust services, please contact our friendly team at our garage in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Emissions DPF Cleaning

We have 3 different processes that we undertake. The first Is injector cleaning which includes petrol and diesel. The second is the de-coat machine, we do not need to strip your engine to ensure the de-coat process is of the best standard. The third process is DPF cleaning we can clean the DPF Filter on your vehicle without having to strip your car.

These processes help to increase your fuel efficiency, make your engine run smoother and make your car start easier. The machines we use include a petrol max diesel and a petrol cleaner.

Exhaust Fitting & Replacements

If your car’s exhaust is not functioning correctly, it may be contaminating the environment as every time you press the accelerator, pollutants are released into the atmosphere. When this happens, your car compensates for the malfunctions in the exhaust by using more fuel which in turn, increases your carbon footprint.

Fortunately, at PIT STOP MOTORIST CENTRE, we stock an extensive range of exhausts for customers in Stevenage, Hitchin and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to find out more about the exhausts we stock, or for help and advice on any matter pertaining your vehicle!

Tyre Fitting

Fitting the right set of tyres on your vehicle can significantly improve its overall performance. When your tyres are worn, a whole range of other elements in your car can be affected. The effectiveness of your brakes and fuel economy are both factors that are quickly compromised by substandard tyres. At PIT STOP MOTORIST CENTRE, we stock quality tyres from some of the most reputable manufacturers to ensure your car performs to its maximum capacity. Stocking only the most regarded brands of tyres including Pirelli ™, Bridgestone™ and Michelin™, you can be confident that we only provide quality.

4 Wheel Alignment - Complete Geometry System

Pit Stop Motorist Centre use the latest technology in 4 wheel alignment to offer our clients the very best service.


4 Wheel alignment can be used to reduce all round tyre wear of your vehicle, making sure you get the full life 

expectancy of your tyre. Having all four tyres aligned also helps to reduce fuel consumption which in term will save you money!


A four wheel alignment service can also help to ensure that your vehicle is safe to handle, and you are running at optimum performance. Call us on 01438 721422 to book in your 4-wheel alignment today!

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